Our children are asking for us to give them a future – and we are not listening to them:


Songs that warned us – amazing that they are from 45 to 50 years ago:


The Green Party of Canada:

Trusting Corporations And The Establishment

How can they be trusted?   They flat our lie to us to protect and increase their profits.  They do not care if they cause harm as a result.  Their sole motive is economic profit.

The sad thing is that our leaders do not protect us from these con artists.  It is fraud.  And this fraud has been deliberate and has been going on since the 1970s

The Big Propaganda Lies

And here is an example (there are many more out there) of how special interests actively lie to us for the sole purpose of protecting their profits.  Here is one slick example:

This video has been put out to the public by an outfit that tries to con us into believing they are a University!  Prager University!!!  Here is a description of what Prager University is: click here.

It is not a University or even a school.  It is just designed to make you think it is.  It is created for the sole reason to lie to the public.  That is how propaganda operates.  PragerU is a propaganda mill funded by the fossil fuel industry.  This BS mill is funded to the tune of $10-Million a year.  It is not the only propaganda mill – I just present it as an example.

It is time for our leaders to make sure that our conversation is led by sources of information that give us the truth.   We need our truth and the facts to be protected.

Protection of the Truth

Our policy decisions need to be based on facts – the truth. This video defines the truth and how it is critical that we cherish it. I share Neil DeGrasse-Tyson’s concerns that we have strayed from it and need to get back on course.

The Problem With Single Use Plastics