My name is Danny Celovsky and I am the Green Party candidate in the Bay of Quinte riding. I have three kids ranging from 22 to 31 and a grandson and I am running for their future!

Are you scared? You should be. I am.

For decades, the science community has time-after-time-after-time presented our political leaders and lawmakers with the facts about Global Warming. Our economists have provided them with the facts about Income Disparity and Corporate Consolidation across our society. I am not running to debate these facts.

Our leaders have failed to act on the facts. Now we are faced with a cross-road on whether we make rapid change or suffer the greatest consequences we have ever faced. At most, we have 11-years to make drastic changes to reduce our carbon footprint. In 2015, our political leaders signed on to the Paris Accord committing Canada to carbon-reduction targets that would keep global warming below 2 degrees Celsius. Canada has to act on the facts.

The report card on our progress in meeting our commitments has arrived. On April 2, Environment Commissioner Julie Gelfand presented her report on our progress combating climate change. We received a clear grade of FAIL. She is very clear that our current Liberal Government and the previous Conservative Government has failed us. Canada has failed to act on the facts.

“For decades, successive federal governments have failed to reach their targets for reducing greenhouse-gas emissions, and the government is not ready to adapt to a changing climate. This must change.”

This was reported by CBC News

If that is not alarming enough, this failing report card was preceded a day earlier by a report from Environment Canada that was leaked demonstrating that Canada is warming up twice as fast as the rest of the world, resulting in irreversible changes to our climate. Canada’s failure to act is clear.

The impact of Climate Change is already here so we MUST meet the targets presented by thousands of scientists around the world. As these reports were issued in April, the wildfire season in British Columbia had started and massive flooding had occurred in Nebraska, Missouri and Iowa causing evacuations and the bursting of a dam. 40% of insect species are in rapid decline. 60% of animal populations have been lost since 1970. Global ice melt is accelerating and sea levels are rising. Over half of the coral reefs are dead. The consequences of our failure to act is dire and escalating.

Scared? How can I not be? The facts are clear, the need to act is obvious, we have failed to act, and the consequences of our inaction are escalating.

We do not need any more promises and commitments – and then continue to just kick this can down the road. We need to act. I am not here to debate the facts, but to act on them.

We cannot afford any more failing reports cards.

YOUR VOTE is an important part of the SOLUTION

The Green Party Solution – Climate, Infrastructure, Fairness, Equity

The Green Party of Canada has a detailed plan to make the changes that meet our commitment targets and to make our lives richer and fuller. It engages us in our communities and leverages the technologies available to get it done. It is extensive and detailed – and it is doable.

In Elizabeth May, the Greens have a national leader that has risen in the polls to become the most respected leader of all the political parties.

And she backs it up by being the most vocal Member of Parliament in the House of Commons. She gives issues voice. She gets things done. Consider the difference: The NDP has 40 members and Elizabeth May gives more voice for action and gets more done than them!

I support this platform and leadership and am asking you to add my voice to hers so that we – in the Bay of Quinte – can lead Canada and the world by taking the actions that will enrich our communities, and provide our kids and grand-kids with a livable future.

The Green Party platform is extensive, but I urge you to take the time to read it. It is very realistic, practical and doable. It is a plan of ACTION.

There is another key difference to the Green Party that attracted me to them. They provide their candidates the freedom to represent their ridings before the Party and its platform. The other parties do not do this – they expect their candidates to “tow the party line”.

Our federal democratic system is based on electing representatives across 338 ridings which is designed to give each community a voice. When that voice is stifled by Party Platforms that are priorities, we lose that local voice. The “Tow the Party Line” approach removes that priority. With that line of thinking, we might just as well give everyone a list of all the candidates and seat the top 338 vote-getters across the country!

The Green Party puts local voice first. And I love it! It lets me focus on the Bay of Quinte first. The other parties do not offer us that in “The Q”.

My Role as Your MP

The solutions we need require bold action and they are global in scope. We have an opportunity, we have the technology, and we can do it – we can make our lives so much better. But, it fails to get done. Let’s look at the facts:

  • Our leaders have ignored the warnings on Global Warming. And now they are ignoring the alarms. What do our leaders do? They go and buy a $4.8-Billion pipeline from Houston oil barons that is in a declining industry and that will never get built. This is a very reckless use of $5-Billion of our money. We need clear and responsible leadership!
  • Our Governments continue to give subsidies and tax breaks to fossil fuel companies.   This is like solving a problem – backwards. The logic defies me.
  • This foolishness must stop. We need to invest that money in local businesses as much as possible. We would be much better served by local businesses that work and support our local communities. We need responsible leadership that invests those funds where they belong!
  • The financial markets and our leaders keep pushing for constant growth when there is no end of that growth in sight.  You cannot have infinite growth on a host planet that is finite in what it has to give.  Infinite growth cannot exist on a finite host.  It is simple mathematics that any 5th grader can explain – if you ask them.  We need responsible leadership that focuses on sustainable and balanced growth to secure our futures!
  • This is a personal concern of mine. We no longer have a source we can trust for the truth.  For facts.  The truth has been eroded into propaganda at an alarming rate.  We have to make sure that we get the facts so our policies and decisions are correct. “Garbage-In-Garbage-Out”.
    I do not like having the truth inaccessible to me.  It is about trust. If we cannot get a source of reliable truth that cuts through all the noise, then how can we trust ourselves to make the right decisions on the direction we take? We need leadership that respects and protects the truth!
  • To Those My Age (those under 50 or so can skip this point):   I remember back in school in the late 60s/early 70s being told that the gains in productivity and technology would flow to everyone.   Good for all of us.  They even told us it would lead to a 4-day work week.  Then a 3-day …  Remember being told that?  I sure do.  Fifty years later … this promise has not played out. We need leadership that ensures the rewards of our progress are shared by all of us!
  • Our leadership has resulted in damage to our environment, extreme income inequality, and polarized control of our free markets to the economic-profit-motivated corporate interests. The result is that most of us are not getting the free market opportunities we all deserve to have access to. We need responsible leadership that protects and encourages an open free market economy that all of us can participate in.

Our leaders have given us nothing but a complete and total abdication of moral and – in many ways – legal responsibility.  They know the facts, they fail to act, and we pay the price.  My children and grandchildren have a very dire future as a result.  Do you have kids or grandchildren?  Do your friends?  How can you tolerate this?  We have a 5% chance as of now to correct this.  5%.  Our leaders have abandoned us.  We better get our act together.

How do we change our failure into success? If we do not change our leadership, we cannot expect to change our results. Luckily, Canada is a democracy. Democracy is our tool. Let’s use it.

My Platform

I will bring a voice to Ottawa. My priority is not to analyze, debate, assess, or evaluate our problems. We all know what our problems are. My sole motivation is to take action to solve the problems. I am just not good at sitting around being silent. I have a lot at stake (my children’s future). Here are some of the actions I will be pressing for:

  1. All subsidies and tax breaks to fossil fuel companies ended.  We need to make them illegal. 
  2. A tax on all citizens with wealth over $50-million of 2% of their wealth regardless of where it is kept in the world (don’t worry, this will not affect you). 
  3. Immediate fast-track action on clean energy initiatives.  Those that are local in The Q get priority – and even a subsidy.  How do we pay for it?  From elimination of fossil fuel subsidies (see Item 1). 
  4. We need to protect the truth. Corporate sponsorships of colleges and universities are made illegal (even for funding a library).  Public funding will take their place.  We need these institutions to be the keepers of the truth, without influence from vested parties.  How do we pay for it?  The wealth tax (see item 2).
  5. More protection for the truth.  We need a source of bottom-line truth.  The CBC will have their funding increased where they do not have to rely on corporate advertising to be profitable.  In exchange, we call on the CBC to investigate corruption and special interest distortions of our conversation and free markets.  How do we pay for it? We issue serious fines for those guilty of false advertising, free market disruption and corrupt practices.  These fines will more than pay for the CBC.  The freedom of the press must be in-place without any corrupting factors. 
  6. Free college and university tuition. If you are good enough to be accepted, your country will help you out.  In exchange, we expect a commitment to work in Canada for the first five-years after graduating (a reasonable condition I would think).  This is an investment in our future we have to make. How do we pay for it? The wealth tax – even if we have to increase it another point or two.
  7. Immediate expansion of health care to cover prescription drugs (when a doctor prescribes them to you; you should be able to afford to take them).  Don’t worry people.  Every other developed nation other than the USA and Canada covers this – it works.
  8. “Buy Local” initiatives for everything possible whenever possible; creating local jobs which will be small business “mom-n-pops” for the most part.   Encourage people to open local businesses to give their local communities what they need while allowing them to look after themselves and their families.  It is called a free market that everyone can participate in. I would rather get my coffee and a fresh homemade muffin from Sally and Jimmy (who I know) than from Tim McHorton from Brazil (who only cares about their profit growth).  And we will support these local small businesses.  You can open a business.  As simple as a local coffee shop.   Or a studio.  Or a workshop. If you can offer our community a local product or service you have my attention.  Why not?  
  9. Proper Use of Our Language. Nobody owns our language; so we can decide for ourselves on how it is used. Climate Change is Climate Crisis.  Global Warming is Global Heating.  Autonomous Vehicles are Driverless Cars.   Corporate Consolidation is An Illegal Activity.  They are just words, but we get to pick them.  Send in more and let’s get back to some common sense of our own language!

WE HAVE TO GET THE HOUSE OF COMMONS TO ACT.  We cannot afford any more failing report cards.

I understand that there will be rules of order and bureaucratic hurdles. While I believe in civil discourse, I do not consider bureaucracy to be a valid excuse. Here is a saying from George Bernard Shaw that inspires me: “People who say it cannot be done should not interrupt those who are doing it.”

I fully expect that we will need to keep our communications open so that I can get your support when I run into bureaucratic walls: To sign petitions and to even show up on Parliament Hill to press other MPs to act.

I will constantly be open for your feedback and suggestions and keep you posted on our challenges, successes, failures and frustrations. This will be done via my website and weekly update emails (for those wanting them of course).

I am happy to debate my platform ideas.  You likely have better ideas to share and I encourage that discussion.  Meet with me. Email me. Understand that I will not debate the reasons for taking action on Global Heating, Income Inequality, and the Destruction of Free Market Competition and Access. The facts tell us it is time to act. Discussion and sharing of ideas is needed. The problems are defined. And we all know it

The problems we face are global. But the solutions are focused on local action. By acting locally, we set examples that can be adopted across Canada and across the globe. We can prove what works and demonstrate what is possible. Success gets attention.

Let me provide an example of local action that may have the potential for global action. Oslo Norway is implementing a car-less zone – in a city approaching 1-million people. Will it work? If so, how well? We do not know yet. But I am watching … bold initiatives need to be explored and I applaud Norway for the courage to try.

We – in the Bay of Quinte – can take a leadership role in solving our problems.  Our focus is to provide a future for our kids and grandchildren.  In the past four years – for decades even – all we have done is gone backwards.  That is failure.  Does anyone think that just switching from Liberal to Conservative or NDP will change it?  Picking a ‘political team’ does not work. It never does.  Give your support to individuals that support you and your community. Leadership starts when the focus is on the community. Our democracy is designed to put riding representation first. The Green Party supports riding representation to be a priority over their own platform. I am convinced that there is a big difference.

I ask for your vote on October 21.  We will press for action in the House of Commons to lead. Elizabeth May has shown that one voice can achieve a lot. Let’s add some more voices to hers. In The Q … we can lead. We can make our lives better. We can set an example by our local actions that can be achieved across Canada and across the globe. The actions we are bold enough to take here, become the solutions that can spread nationally and globally. I believe that.

The challenges are Big and Urgent, but IT IS ACHIEVABLE! Please share this with your family and friends. BE SURE TO VOTE. We have a 5% chance to save ourselves and our kids’ futures on this planet.  We can do this – because I believe we are better than 5%.  Let’s move that needle.  As human beings. 

I Ask For Your Vote! 

We do not have to put up with failed leadership any more.  This is Canada.   We are a fair and just society.  Every Canadian is entitled to share in the opportunity of Canada on an equal footing.  We believe in a free market that is accessible to us all.   We know we can lead on the solutions the globe needs.  We believe in the future of our country and The Q.  And we are bold enough to act. 

As your Green candidate, my voice is your voice. If you believe we need to change our leadership; then vote for it. That is why I am running.

By October 21, we will have barely 11-years left to avoid catastrophic climate disaster. Democracy is the only tool we have to put competent leadership in place. If we miss it, our next opportunity will be in 4-years; and then we will have barely 7-years left. Please … give that some thought. My kids’ futures are at stake.

Canada is a democracy.  This is how democracy works.

Your vote will not count if you do not show up and cast it.  YOU NEED TO SHOW UP AND VOTE. OCTOBER 21.