I believe in doing what I can to better my world and my community.  This engages me through adventures where I can make an impact.  At least they are worth the effort.

DOT Data Systems Inc.

This is my business effort in doing what we can to “green up” the trucking industry in North America.   It is a big industry-wide effort with large potential.  Changing an entire industry is a large challenge – but it is worth the effort.


Bay of Quinte Citizens Assembly

This represents another attempt to “green up” our world.  This one is locally focused in the Bay of Quinte area in Ontario Canada.  We believe that if we can get action going here, it can be replicated elsewhere.  This band of local citizens group is frustrated by a lack of action by our elected officials so has been set up to directly compete with them for action.  It essentially represents a “shadow government” and focuses for action on climate change, affordable housing and the vitalisation of our downtown areas.