Following Einstein’s Path to the Theory of Everything

Is this author crazy or not? Daniel F Celovsky asks that you help him make that determination.

The exploration into our Universe has many theories – but most fail to add to the dimensions our Universe would require to even form and exist. Surely there is more involved than merely Time, Space, Matter and Energy!

In this break-out examination that explores our very existence, Celovsky opens the doors for inquisitive experience to its readers. He brings you along for the ride – in an easy-going format – while engaging and entertaining you every step of the way.

The journey of this book does not just start from some random point of thought. It embarks with Albert Einstein’s work in his pursuit of the Theory of Everything that consumed this genius for over three-decades. On its way, it combines Einstein’s work with the theories behind life’s evolution outlined by Charles Darwin. The combination is magical.

A hero ant, an acutely sensitive fruit fly, a Cosmic Tom Hanks, an infinite supply of coffee, and the control of chaos in stock car racing all form a unique set of characters and life experiences that explain our Universe.

Maybe Celovsky is nuts. Maybe not. Either way you are guaranteed to come away with a new more vibrant outlook about your surrounding environment as well as you own reason for existing in it.

RELEASED: November 2020
PUBLISHER: Crackerbox Palace Media
ISBN: 978-1-7773832-1-3 (print)
978-1-7773832-2-0 (eBook)

USD $19.95 / CAD $24.95

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It gets worse.  Amazon also does not provide any information on who purchases the author’s book.  This does not allow the author to engage with their own readers!   For example, I am preparing to write the next book – building on the content of this first book – and would like to keep my readers up-to-date on this project.  Amazon uses your contact information to promote their activities, and literally hides you from the author that you are actually engaging with.
Amazon is a monopoly in the book world – and they wield their monopolistic power at will.  It is abusive – and chokes many authors from producing their form of art. 

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