Welcome to my personal website. 

I am in-process of writing a book about the overall composition of our Universe.  There is no set deadline for completion but it is on its way. 

I am inspired by brilliance.  And brilliance only comes from thinking “outside of the box” – removing absolutely every restriction or constraint placed on us by the thoughts of others.  It comes from looking at the environment I exist in from solely my perception of it without the limitations or confinements imposed by others.  This approach illuminates the amazing.  If that sounds like I am inspired by Albert Einstein … I am!

Inspired by brilliance.  Driven without constraint.  That is how my book project has come about.

But I do seek input from others.  I seek validation that helps to propel my thoughts ever forward by ensuring that my thoughts are valid.  Every step of the way, for the formation of each self-defined thought I need to have it validated and confirmed.  This serves to place checkpoints where I am able to retain my own sanity.  Are my thoughts based in reality or are they based on wishful thinking – or even a self-defined fantasy? 

Climate Change.PNG

Let me describe what my fear looks like about treading along the sanity-insanity line … I envision people with lab coats coming down the path to my door.  But I cannot make out the logo on their coats … is it the logo from NASA or is it the logo from the local loony-bin?  This is why I need your help along the way.

So that is why I am writing this book.  I need the validation and confirmation to retain my sanity.  I am challenging myself to walk that borderline between the sane and the insane.  Without crossing over to the insane side.  To achieve that goal, I am seeking to be refuted.

I will keep you posted as my book evolves.  Comments and suggestions are welcome!