I believe that we – in the Bay of Quinte – can lead our community, Canada and the globe on action:

  • Global Heating is going to render the human race extinct,
  • Income Disparity is at a level that is just sickening,
  • The Free Market Economy is gone for the most of us; replaced by Corporate Rule.

The time for debates, studies, assessments and planning is over.  It is time for action.

Our leaders have failed us:

Copenhagen Accord of 2009 – we are projected to fail on our commitments

Kyoto Protocol of 2011 – we withdrew after failing on our commitments

Paris Accord of 2015 – we are failing as our emissions 4-years later have simply gone up

It is a clear pattern of failure.    

Our leadership has failed time and time again.  We cannot continue to kick this can down the road anymore.   Face it, the climate is not going to wait for us to get our act together.

Earth Hour 2019

I am running because I am fed up with the inaction and empty promises.  I have three kids and a grandson.  It is their futures that are at stake.  That is why I am running.  Do you have kids that need and deserve a future?  I ask myself what the world will be like when they are my age.  It does not look good.  We have to act.

I am running for this office for one reason:  To Take Action!

I am asking you to stand with me – we need to carry a voice loud enough to rise above the noise of special interests and ineffective leaders.  And we need to be loud enough to make things happen.

Democracy is about each of us having a say in what we believe our society should be.  I am asking you to add your voice to mine so that we can be as loud as possible. 

I need you to show up and vote on October 21.